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An international team of scientists and military personnel discover a Stargate network in the Pegasus Galaxy and come face-to-face with a new, powerful enemy, The Wraith.
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Stargate Atlantis (2004) Comments

14.09.2009 23:54
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where is episodee 2 4 stargate atlantis  

03.03.2009 17:16
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Agreed with Vikeyev, Megavideo or Supernova!  

04.02.2009 21:16
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how can we watch episodes ?? supposed to click on url below the movie picture??  

03.02.2009 19:18
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that sorry but the file reached max download limit has been fixed im good friends with the new owner of divxvine. he said he keeps turning the limit off but when he changes something on the site it reapplies the limit. if it ever happens just leave a message on my page here and ill let him know and it will be fixed in a day or less. It is now back to normal no limit message  

03.02.2009 02:52
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PLEASE HELP... ANYONE. Were having same problem as below...just started watching series, now were getting the ( Sorry but this file reached max downloads limit, please register a free account or upgrade )
Can anyone tell us what we need to do to solve error message... Thanks

02.02.2009 23:55
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i keep getting that stupid message: "Sorry but this file reached max downloads limit, please register a free account or upgrade to premium." as well! And I have the free account! What is going on!!  

23.01.2009 00:38
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eey, it seems it is working :)) peace@love to evrbdy  

19.01.2009 07:58
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does anybody no when the movie releas date is  

19.01.2009 05:49
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I enjoyed the ending. It was the best way to end the series, Atlantis back on earth in the Milky Way Galaxy. They had season 6 planned, and by reading the story line, seemed amazing. But the show wasnt getting high enough ratings, its said that the direct to DVD movie will wrap up the story arcs (Wraith, Asgard etc) and it was said that there might be a return of the replicators ;) - but now that the series is over, who knows what they plan!  

13.01.2009 12:09
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they were the last ever episodes of atlantis. but they allready have the green light for 1 atlantis movie and are working towards getting a second. also a new SG1 film is in the pipeline. and new series called stargate universe  

12.01.2009 23:32
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I dont care what sg1englandrulz says episode 19 is the best episode ever and I am from england too.............  

11.01.2009 15:46
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there is going to be a movie aswell next year or summin.